About us

Founded in 1992, SuHai from the beginning acted in Personal Security also performing a wide range of services in the security world, such as tracking,  cargo protection, investigations and electronic protection, among others. Looking to the top, in the last 10 years the company decided to focus on Personal Security – an activity with very high quality requirements, so far as it means life protection.

From this time the company adopted a model of Corporate Governance with a Board of Directors, Counselors, Professional Management and submit all its processes to the ISO9001, which has been certified and audited annually since 2008.

After this changing, SuHai has being growing and currently has taken the leadership in this segment, being recognized by consultants, industry professionals, customers and partners as the best choice to protect renowned companies, managers, entrepreneurs and their families.

SuHai has grown and is now a Business Group with three distinct activities: SuHai Personal Security; SuHai Insurance and SuHai Telematics (Electronics, Tracking and Fleet Management).

Why SuHai
  • 100% of the Clearance Certificates: guarantee of a reputable third party;
  • A Code of Ethics and Conduct that reflects the values of SuHai for all employees;
  • Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2008 renewed annually;
  • CRS certification [corporate social responsibility] renewed annually by BRTÜV [Technischer Überwachungsverein of Brazil];
  • Private Pension: attract the best employees and reduce turnover;
  • Rigorous selection of employees: psychological, technical, registration, health and social research evaluation;
  • Periodic psychological assessment, preventing behavioral failures;
  • Technical and behavioral retraining more often than required by Law;
  • Constant supervision of employees integrated into online corporate system;
  • Confidential channel and Ombudsman process with External Audit;
  • Among the top 100 SMEs (Small and Medium Size Companies) in Brazil (Deloitte Consulting and Exame magazine);
  • 24 hour Monitoring Center to control remotely all operations;
  • Focus on Personal Security. A team dedicated to protection of life;
  • Elimination of labor risks for the customers.
Private pension plan as attraction for the best agents

SuHaiPrev is an initiative that aligns principles of HR policy and institutional values that govern the company. To protect life and invest in the future is to SuHai a priority that we extend to all employees. Every month, SuHai deposits 2% of earnings and enables the employee to do the same. The employee can, if desired, contribute up to 4% being matched by the same percentage from the company.

The employee can recover the amounts invested by the company and himself according to the applicable regulation. SuHaiPrev is a private pension plan managed by Bradesco Life and Pension strictly within the law applicable to the pension plans in Brazil.

Human Resources

The process of recruitment and selection of employees in SuHai is solid and rigorous. From the psychological profile through the registration checks and background checks, verification of physical conditions, technical knowledge, electronic health checks to assessing reactions under stress up to the integrity evaluation, the candidate has to be able to be part of an outstanding staff.

This model of SuHai shows high rates of success expressed in low turnover and high customer satisfaction.

Clearance Certificates

SuHai differentiates itself by fulfilling or anticipating all commitments to employees, suppliers and the taxman. Our clearance certificates are the reflection of a responsible administration that follows the company since its inception, and which result in its economic and financial strength.

Customers and service makers should require from their suppliers the clearance certificates as proof of good management, protecting customers from any debts and liabilities as joint debtors.
In addition, SuHai can regularly send to their customers any other vouchers of payments and compliance obligations.

  • Suhai values
  • Quality policy
  • Decision Process
  • Ethics

    Have a pilar codes of conduct and fundamental ethical behavior, valuing transparency, dignity of the human person and of the whole society.

  • Commitment

    Satisfy Customers, acting with integrity and objectivity, with a view to continuous improvement, going beyond meeting targets and ensuring the results to ensure a sustainable organization.

  • Humility

    Always act with respect, moderation and simplicity.

  • Employee´s Enhancement

    Providing our employees professional development, as well as appropriate organizational environment, leading to conditions of motivation that result in a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency.

Provide surveillance and security services with quality, satisfying our customers by meeting their requirements. Promote continuous improvement in our processes and in our employee development.

A professional Board of Directors who have multidisciplinary knowledge guides the strategic decisions which are reflected in the company management. This management format ensures transparency, the satisfaction of customers and employees, and the achievement of corporate goals. In SuHai Personal Security, the Management reports to the Board of Directors through its CEO.



São Paulo
R. Vergueiro, 2.577
Vila Mariana – São Paulo
+55 11 3058 3350

Rio de Janeiro
R. Rodrigo de Brito, 09
Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro
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