Personal Security


SuHai offers specific security services for visitors, foreign delegations, events or even business or family travels. We offer you everything: planning, multi-lingual staff, operation coordinators, as well as vehicles and all necessary support.
A protection project for a specific occasion or event may include important items like:

  • Motoristas-seguranças, com ou sem carros blindados;
  • Bodyguards for travel throughout the Brazilian country;
  • Security reception in heliports and airports;
  • Bodyguard and Scouts for city tours, night leisure;
  • Transfers in Vans or Micro-Bus;
  • Corporate and family events, can include additional points as security plan to the teams, civilian firefighters, guards and vehicle patrols for the area of the event.

Before your trip to Brazil, please contact us through this website and reserve everything about Security.

We’ll take care of you!



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Rio de Janeiro
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