Familiar Protection


SuHai familiar protection is the result of a project developed after a thorough security analysis, and may include important items like Security Drivers, Bodyguard (male or female), Home Guard, electronic home monitoring and motorized patrol among others, faithfully respecting the everyday life and routines of customers.

The agents of SuHai are selected and prepared in an intensive technical and behavioral process that includes:

  • Psychological and behavioral testing and registration checks, background checks and health testing;
  • Training on internal and public conduct, and professional relationship with those protected;
  • Self-defense, situational surveillance, protection in public sites and in crowds;
  • Procedures for boarding, landing, arrival and departure at the home;
  • Monitoring operations in remote places, available for emergencies or any necessary support.

More than a security service
Protection for your freedom!



São Paulo
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Vila Mariana – São Paulo
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Rio de Janeiro
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Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro
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